अँधेरे में तीर मारना / चलाना is called what in English?

Leap in the dark 

Today I have something special for you all.We generally try to translate natural Hindi sentences into English ,but we don't the specific words to demonstrate the same sentence.

Here is something like that,

To leap in the dark : अँधेरे में तीर मारना  / चलाना  to opt for unknowingly

Leap (v1)     Leaped / leapt(v2)   leaped /leapt (v3)

In any sentence you just need to change the forms of Leap only rest of the things will work same as it is.

Exp.हालांकि वह उत्तर नहीं जानता था फिर भी उसने अँधेरे में तीर मारा और वह सही भी था
 Although he didn't know the answer, he leaped in the dark and it was right too.

वह हमेशा अँधेरे में तीर चलाता हैं
He always leaps in the dark.

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