Indescribable or वर्णन के बहार                                 


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To beggar description : can't be described in words (अवर्णनीय होना )

In the sentence you just need to change the form of the verb rest of the things will remain same.
Beggar (v1) Beggared (v2)  Beggared (v3) 

Exp. आपकी लिखाई (hand writing) वर्णन के बाहर  हैं 
Your hand writing beggars description.


Exp. चाँद की सुंदरता शब्दों से बहार हैं
The beauty of the Moon beggars description.

Exp.उसकी अंग्रेज़ी वर्णन के बहार थी ( बहुत शानदार ) थी
His English beggared description.

➤Points to be remembered

  1. This idiom is generally used in the indefinite tense to show the specific thing.
  2. Don't use it in the progressive (Continuous) tense.

Use it as much as you can, because "Practice makes a man perfect."
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 Keep reading and learning.

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