बात का बतंगड़ बनाना is called what ?

                             बात का बतंगड़  बनाना   

We always try to use new words to make our English advanced likewise here you will get a phrase that can replace your exaggerate word and give a idiomatic sense in your English.

Make a mountain of a mole hill 

this expression is used when something is normal but we make it extraordinary or show exaggeration for something.

Make a mountain of a mole hill  :- बात का बतंगड़  बनाना   

She always exaggerates her problems.             ( simple)

She always makes a mountain of a mole hill of her problems.          (Idiomatic)

It was just a little problem ,but they made a mountain of a mole hill.

Don't make a mountain of a mole hill it's just a simple task , do it fast.

Note:- When you use so only make is changed  into  made (v2) made (v3) keep rest of the things same as it is.

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