लातो के भूत बातो से नहीं मानते is called what in English?

                       लातो के भूत  बातो से नहीं मानते 

Most of English learns really search everything who are extremely serious about learning English and they try different kinds of sentences, phrases and idioms etc. but they face problems when they have to face a proverb. It is a generally saying that people use to demonstrate a long talk in a very short answer.

Rod is the logic for fools.  लातो के भुत बातो से नहीं मानते। 


Students make a noise loudly in school in the absence of teachers
then teachers punish them and they sit silently and follow rod is the logic for fools.

So here you are, this is very common in Hindi but when it comes to use it in English we are confused what to use now. You need not worry about it now you have it and many more you will be getting here.
here is the answer for your question.You will get here almost all typical sentences that are very common in Hindi and unknown in English.Some of them are given below.↓
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Examples of your sentences are really good.


It gives me extremely satisfaction to provide you amazingly knowledgeable things. ConversionConversion EmoticonEmoticon