Meaning of नाक रगड़ना in English

                                                                   नाक रगड़ना 

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Today I am here with one more very useful idiom you have read the title.It is very easy to use it in the English as well now.You just need to go through it and you will get it at once.

                                      Kiss The Dust -नाक रगड़ना 

In this idiom just make some changes in KISS only it will be changed accordingly.

Kiss  Kissed  Kissed Kissing  Kisses
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पाकिस्तान को INDO-PAK युद्ध में अपनी नाक रगड़नी पड़ी थी।
Pakistan had to kiss the dust in the Indo-Pak war.

हमारे दुश्मन को हमेशा हमारे सामने नाक रगड़नी पड़ेगी। 
Our enemies will always have to kiss the dust in front of us.

उसने माफ़ी मांगी और अपनी नाक रगड़ी थी। 
He apologized and kissed the dust.

Hope so you have got a basic idea about it and able to use it easily.keep on learning unique idioms and enhancing your knowledge.
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