A unique glance at subordinating conjunctions!


Types of Sub ordinating conjunctions

1.        Time

2.        Reason

3.        Condition

4.        Purpose

5.        Result

6.        Manner

7.        Concession

8.        Comparison

9.        Place

You will have the Sub ordinating conjunctions examples list with bold conjunction words in the sentences which will help you identify it easily. You have already had another blog for coordinating conjunction examples.

Conjunctions of time

When, Whenever, As soon As, As, While, Before, After, By the time, Until or till, Since, Ever since, As long as , Ago


1.        When the lockdown is over, the life will once again rejuvenate beautifully.

2.        When I left home to find love in this world, I realized that I was out with a wrong address.


1.        She is always very cheerful whenever she plays with her friends.

2.        Whenever I need help, I see a thousand of hands to help me out.

As soon As

1.        As soon As you feel fever, you had better have a medical check-up.

2.        Anish went to his friend as soon As he knew that he had a terrible accident.


1.        All the students stoop up as the teacher enter the classroom.

2.        Just as I received the mail for an urgent meeting, I immediately moved for the conference hall.


1.        She had been a care taker while she was in the Philippines.

2.        While I am working on your project, you can cook something delicious for both of us.


1.        Before she could come, I had decorated her rooms with sparkles and balloons beautifully.

2.        I have had my dinner just before a while.


1.        I signed the documents after I had read it thoroughly.

2.        They met their grandparents after a long time at Christmas.

By the time

1.        By the time we reached the station, the train had already gone.

2.        All the students reached the examination hall by the time.

Until/ Till

1.        Don’t call me up till Monday, I will be extremely busy with some important tasks.

2.        I invited my friends to my birthday and requested them not to go until I return.

Since and Ever Since

1.        Since I joined this company, I have been working really very hard for it.

2.        I have not met my school friends eversince I passed out.


1.        Rohan had his chemistry exam two days ago.

2.        I received a call from Singapore a minutes ago.

          Ago is used in the past tense.

As long As

1.        She said, “As long as I live, I love you.”  (you look so beautiful in white)

2.        I promise you Devsena as long as the death separates me from you, I am all yours.

(From Bahubali movie)

Conjunctions of reason

As, Since, Because, Now that, That


1.        As I am a monitor of class, it is my responsibility to control the students in the teacher’s absence.

2.        I will talk to you later as I am having lunch right now.


1.        Since it is raining heavily outside, she can’t go for shopping outside.

2.        Since Neha doesn’t talk much with anyone, I need to manage everything for her.


1.        I am afraid to call him up right now because he would be sleeping.

2.        We should not go out these days because the lockdown period is going on in the country.

Now that

1.        Now that my father is here, I am not afraid of anything till he is here.

2.        Now that you are fit as a fiddle (absolutely fine), we can take you home in no time.


1.        I am extremely lucky that you are my best friend. (because)

Conjunctions of Condition

Unless, If, Provided/provided that, In case, If only, Suppose, On condition that,


1.        Unless she practices the flute, she can’t play it melodiously.

2.        I didn’t win unless I believed in myself.

(Don’t use not with Until/till, Unless and Lest)


1.        If you want to learn English, learn everyday patiently.

2.        He could easily help me if he had any information about digital marketing.

Provided/ Provided that

1.        The teacher can teach you provided you go to him with an intention of studying.

2.        The god helps you provided that you believe in him.

In case

1.        Carry an umbrella in case it rains.

2.        I shall be really happy in case I can help you in this project.

If only

1.        If only his father knew that he had mixed with the bad boys, he will kick him out of home.

2.        He would pass the exam if only he knew how to write.

On condition that

1.        You could win the bet on condition that you were not achliophobic.( iska blog h )

2.        Suppose he is your father, how would you behave with him?

Conjunction of Purpose

So that, In order that, lest

So that

1.        You can tell me clearly about your problems so that I can find the possible solutions.

2.        Mansha went to Dwarka sector 6 so that she could appear at the interview.

In Order that

1.        They called the account up in order that he could lend them some money.

2.        She went to the park in order that I could discuss the plan with her.


1.        Follow my instruction carefully lest you should make a loophole.

2.        I keep revising my lessons lest I should forget them.

Adverb of Result

So…..that, Such….that


1.        He is so intelligent that he can answer your mind blowing question within 10 seconds.

2.        Captain America fought so bravely that he saved the world.


1.        Roma is such a stupid girl that even her boyfriend is afraid of her.

2.        Vinod is such an adorable guy that his behavior impresses everybody.

Conjunctions of Manner

As if, As though

As if

1.        My best friend behaves as if she were my wife. ( she isn’t in reality)

2.        She speaks English as if she is a teacher. ( she can be)

As though

1.        I went to the ring ceremony as though it was mine.

2.        He read 13 pages within 10 minutes as though he would complete the book by evening.

Conjunctions of concession

Although, Even Though, Though, Whether, As, Say what you will, No matter how, No matter what, Notwithstanding, Come what may

1.        Although he has a lot of time yet he doesn’t talk to anyone.

2.        She knew the answer even though she didn’t tell her friends.

3.        I don’t take whether it is hot or cold coffee.

4.        Though it was raining heavily, he went to school.

5.        Studious as he is, he is not satisfied.

6.        Say what the boss will, nobody will apply that just after a few days.

7.        No matter how you have achieved success, the people won’t stop defying you.

8.        No matter what you do, you are just a looser.

9.        Once I commit come what may, I don’t change my decision.

10.      She didn’t have money for her child’s operation notwithstanding she got him operated anyhow.

Conjunctions of comparison

As, So…..as, As….. as, Than


1.        She has a book as mine.

2.        They worked as their boss asked them to do.


1.        She is not so beautiful as her mother.

2.        Rakesh doesn’t work so fast as his colleagues.

          So…as is usually used with Negative sentences.


1.        She writes more legible than her brother.

2.        I can’t run faster than Mr. Flash.

Conjunctions of place

Where, Wherever

1.        I am going to America where my family lives.

2.        She will follow me wherever I go.

3.        None know the place where the god lives.

4.        The teacher informed me where my exam center was.

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