Giving Your Precious Time To The Nature Can Secure Your Future.

The god has gifted us with a precious gift of nature which has always helped the human and animal beings free and unlimited source of oxygen, food, medicine, livable environment and much more to live our lives easily. Even then we are not satisfied with it. We always try to find alternative ways to avail ourselves of a happy and peaceful life with a blindly lust to make unlimited money. Earlier people were connected to the nature closely but with the passage of time we have almost lost our touch just because of our extremely hectic schedule of daily time style. Not to speak of nature today we don’t even have time for our family members to sit with or talk to them peacefully. The busy life schedule has made our lives so limited that there is no time left for the nature.

Long ago most of the people used to live in villages and were totally dependent on the agriculture but it was not possible for everybody owing to lack of fertile land hence the people started moving towards the city in order to have employments and this separated people from their mother land completely. The transfer of population from villages to the cities has increased metropolitan city population largely.

When the people came to cities so they focused on acquiring all the facilities to their surroundings so that they can access it in no time like hospitals, schools, transportation, factories and restaurants these are the advantages of living in metropolitan cities which provided lots of people jobs and they settled themselves in metropolitan cities. As now the people started living in cities the population went on increasing timely and forgot about the village life. There are mainly four metropolitan cities of India Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai and Kolkata.

Living apart in cities far from the mother land has left a very common option for us which is to earn money without taking care of anything else. The nature is surviving these days and about to take its last breath if man doesn’t take his responsibilities timely towards the nature and secure it firmly. Planting a tree is planting a hope to save the Earth’s future wisely.

The nature’s immortal shower also plays an essential role that comes down to animate the hidden life storing seeds and rejuvenate the plants and trees which seem to have lost their leaves completely and look like lifeless. The nature once again proves its power of giving life after Autumn season. There are ample changes you may have observed in Spring season in the nature.

We have always given our selfishness a priority to the nature knowing that without it our existence seems totally impossible. Every day the men went on killing the trees rapidly just to make the land clean and comfortable for the metropolitans to live only for a few money. You probably think “what is a metropolitan city ?”A metropolitan city means a very populated area with a good deal of basic facilities surrounded by less populous territory region is called a metropolitan city.

The cosmopolitan life style has also affected the living style of people and increased the population. The cosmopolitan city means an area where the people from various countries have come and started living with different cultures, religion, rituals and festivals but lessened the area for living and the trees had to be cut down. We started adapting ourselves with new things easily.

The pandemic has compelled us to realize the importance of nature when the people moved the mountains just to get an oxygen cylinder for the survival of their dear one. If we had a large number of trees, we wouldn’t even see it in a dream. “We don’t own this Earth, we have responsibility to secure it and entrust it with our upcoming generations”. To keep pace with the time we need to give our time to secure the nature. Perhaps this can help us get rid of further pandemics in the future when the nature’s shield would stand for us to protect each life itself.

In the race of development each country is blindly focused on the latest inventions so that the human efforts can be reduced and provided extremely satisfactory life without any problems but we forgot the nature how our each try for the inventions has affected it dangerously.

The data from shows that “throughout the world, about 900 million trees are cut down annually. This equates to about 2.47 million trees cut down every day. ”You might be wondering to see the numbers of trees being cut down every year hence some adamant steps must be taken to save our nature and future.

Each of us has the responsibility to save the mother Earth how we can do it is here.

·  The plantation of trees should be acted out on a large scale and more indispensable action than planting the trees is to arrange the preservation because a new planted tree is a new born baby that requires much care and attention till it spreads the roots in the soil strongly.

·      We strive to run faster than the time hence have forgotten our duty to the nature. The development is necessary with the time along with keeping pace with the nature.

·   To stay stress free we should spend the time in green environment where the oxygen is present in high amount.

·   The people are habitual to using chemical products for daily life which should be replaced with natural products that motivate the nature incredibly. This is one of easiest ways that one can do to give one’s contribution without doing anything.

·    Yoga is the best exercise which connects our soul to that of nature. It should be practiced at green parks.

·    Population Control can prove to be the most effective initiative and will show unimaginable results in the future.

·   Environmental days like The Earth day and The forest day should be celebrated with a great hustle and bustle worldwide so that people from the far off places can also be aware of its positive consequences towards the nature.


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