Many a VS Many singular or plural ?

                        Many a VS Many 

These two words might confuse you what to use with them singular or pluar so just to clear this doubt I will try to clear it by some examples.I hope that you will get my point thoroughly and easily.

1 Many A + singular noun + singular verb

this also means the plural number but it is more effective now a days and is generally asked in the competitive exams as well.

  1.    Many a boy comes here to play Football at evening.
  2. Many a question is asked in the interview.
  3. Many a teacher is here to lead us in our hardships.

2 Many +plural noun +plural verb

this is usually seen everywhere and with many we always use plural nouns as well as pluarl verbs.

  1. Many people are roaming in search of bread and butter.
  2. Many men have succeeded by dint of hard work.
  3. Many problems are going on in this worlds these days.

Hope so you have got it now and here are some questions to check youself weather you have got it or not.

  1. Many a ................(coins /coin) ....................( Is / Are) here in my pocket.
  2. Many ....................( people / person )............. ( are /is ) suffering from coronavirus.

just comment the answers fast,

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