Monkey Mother

The Monkey Mother

Monika was a 7 years wise and beautiful girl. She was going to school. She met her friend, Rahul who usually came late, but today he was on time. They greeted “Good morning”. Rahul said “how is your younger brother now?” She replied that her brother Sonu was better. She was a helpful girl. She helped everyone. He always troubled his friends and made fun of them, but she kindly told him not to do that. When they left school, on the way to home she bought biscuits for her little brother Sonu. He always waited for her. While they were walking , a monkey was following them, for once they were afraid ,but monkey said with tears in her eyes, “I will not harm you please give me this biscuits for my extremely hungry baby”. She gave her biscuits. The monkey mother thanked her happily and he smiled. Rahul said,” what will you give your brother?” she said, “I will tell him this story to make him helpful” When she was at the door, she found the monkey mother with some sweet mangoes for Sonu there. They both hugged each other and became friends. He was very happy to welcome them.
“A friend is in need, a friend is indeed”

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