What is a Friday man?

       Friday Man

 This idiom is used to describe a person who a is very honest and loyal person.As we know that there is a great traffic on the roads on Sundays so most of the drivers have to drive slowly.You can use it for someone whose quality matches with it.It is very useful and easy too.People will love to get it as it sounds funny.

              Friday Man - a very loyal and honest man

This is an idiomatic noun expression so use it as you use a noun in a sentence.

1) He is a Friday man as he has been working with me for a long time.

2)I believe that he can't deceive me because he is a Friday man.

3)If there are Friday men in all the departments , this is the most effective way to end corruption.

               How was this idiomatic expression friends? This is a quick method of learning something but it works only when it is practiced.Keep learning and practicing it.

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