Hope the real remedy for Corona Virus?


         Hope the real remedy

        For Corona Virus



As you all know that the Covid-19 virus has once again come into existence in the world and is spreading rapidly. People are full of fear and sometimes ponder if it is the end of the world when the cases are rising with the number of deaths alarmingly. The corona patients can be found very easily in each and every home if tested individually. In this pandemic what can one do for the survival when the people of the whole world have packed themselves in their homes fearfully? Some people still have hope for the betterment with the passage of time. We have fought with many pandemics with the time and the same is going to take place this time as well. The situation presently is very critical here when all the industries and factories are closed except the essential services and the people who were employed before it have lost their jobs sparely. Now the remained option is to sit idle at home doing nothing. The most difficult task of the world is to sit peacefully doing nothing even when you have observed the situation thoroughly.

           Hope is where the dreams start in this pandemic where most of people are afraid to this virus on the other hand some of us still have faith in God that he will protect and save us from this contagious disease. This time the God has come in appearance of doctors and paramedical staffs who are at stake but still serving for the nation and its people incredibly in this hard time. They are leaving no stone unturned to fight bravely against this dangerous virus.

           The protection for this disease is self-motivation as well as maintenance of social distancing carefully with mask can help you ward off its adamant consequences. Stay home, stay safe. After all we shall surely succeed to defeat this enemy drastically with everybody’s cooperation and support together. Once again the happy and prosperous days will be back soon and smile will rule on every face naturally.



Stayhome, Stay safe"

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