The Salicylic acid

                                                    The Beautifying Acid


You might have heard or read about many types of acids in your life which are available in the nature for you , but You will be baffled to about that there is a such acid which helps you beautify your skin effectively.  The Salicylic acid is the acid which if used can disappear your darks circles blackheads on your skin as if it never appeared before. You have stress or insomnia which causes dark circles that mostly comes out as a stigma on your face. The beautiful women who take care of their skin issues and cure them efficiently using many different home remedies or any natural substances.

 According to the Dermatologists the Salicylic acid enters your skin and starts its work thoroughly. It converts the dead skin into active skins within very less of time. If you use it intelligently, you can avail yourself of this beautifying acid or you can call it a miracle in form of an acid. This can only be used after the consultation of your dermatologists it will be beneficial to your health. The below table taken from shows the quantity to use and the methods to apply.



Percent of salicylic acid

How often to use



once per day



1 to 3 times per day



as needed



1 to 3 times per day



as needed



1 to 3 times per day


After going through the above table, you have a powerful idea about how it can be used to beatify your skins rapidly. You skin shines like a star when there is no acne, dark circles or dullness on your skin. You must be aware of your skin problems before applying this acid or can consult with your dermatologist (skin care specialist).

It is hoped that the above article was helpful for you to make your skin shine with natural methods which is even safer to use and easier to apply and sooner to get the unbelievable results for your skin.


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